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Garage Doors

Sectional, Roller or Up & Over ?

Often overlooked, a garage is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s the place many of us keep some of our most precious and valuable items. Whether it be used for your car, tools or a home gym - giving your tired garage door a makeover may represent a fantastic opportunity to not only increase the value of your home – but ultimately keep possessions safe and secure


New garage doors offer improved security to protect your property and therefore peace of mind.

 Key points to consider when deciding.

  • Style and colour

  • Manual or electric operated

  • Cost

  • Safety features

   Do you want it to -

  • reduce noise reduction

  • Add warmth and insulation.

  • Utilize all of the opening space

For example, some features of the following types of doors  -

Sectional garage doors maximise external space and don't impact on the driveway, can be insulated and automated, offer added security

Domestic roller shutter doors are space saving, can be insulated or non insulated, can be automated.

Up and over garage doors are suitable for most openings, no power required.


All garage doors come in a wide choice of colours, materials, textures and styles. They can be bespoke made to measure or standard sizes dependent on the opening and can be tailored to suit all budgets and security requirements.

Contact our team for more information or a free site survey.


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