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Annual Service & Door Inspection 


We recommend -

  • That doors are inspected at least once a year, if the door is used frequently we recommend six monthly checks.

Why maintain -

  • It makes sound economic sense to have a scheduled service and maintenance programme in place for all roller shutter doors, fire escapes etc to identify problems before they arise.

  • It is essential to service & maintain old and new installations at regular intervals for continued safe operation of the door.

  • It ensures that the door is working in a safe and efficient condition therefore helping to prevent accidents and damage which can effect workflow, productivity and therefore result in lost revenue.

Servicing ensures that -

  • It maximises the life of your door.

  • Potentially dangerous defects are highlighted and are fixed promptly.

  • Reduces the need for costly repairs down the line.

  • *Customers with annual service agreements receive reduced out of hours call out charges.

  • Servicing helps to safeguard the health and safety of employees and other persons on or about the premises.

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